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Insight Telematics

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Insight Telematics is an Australian company providing cost effective GPS Tracking and Mobile Workforce Management tools. With just over 3 million vehicles tracked on the platform today, and a team with over 20 years experience, our customers have access world leading technology and support.

Most companies don’t have time to manage a vehicle tracking system, therefore we enable you to ‘manage by exception’ through easy to set up rules (eg. speeding, harsh driving, excessive idling, after hours usage). All of the information is logged and visualised on our dashboard and is easy to download, or you can choose to receive notifications as they occur via email or SMS.

It’s proven that excessive fuel usage and maintenance costs are related to poor driving habits. Our technology helps customers identify opportunities to provide their drivers with training and support to reduce their fuel consumption and risk of an accident. It also provides your drivers with real time in-vehicle coaching, keeping them safe and can help reduce the wear and tear on your vehicles.

Insights into your vehicle and asset health provide you with data to reduce the risk of any downtime. Our data analytics tools provide customers with access to information like fuel usage, engine warning lights and battery voltage. This information provides valuable insights to ensure you can efficiently manage your fleet, keep them on the road and work with your team to effectively manage your fuel economy and running costs. Combining engine fuel data and trip history is a very effective way of enabling your tax reporting and expense management.

We have a range of cost effect plans, starting from $10 a month for small fleets of 1 to 5 vehicles. Our GPS tracking devices are easy to self-install and operate on the 4G Telstra network. All plans come with communications costs included, with no additional costs or risk of your device needing replacement when 3G is switched off in 2024.

Contact us on 1300553625 or visit us at www.insighttelematics.com.au

Insight Telematics