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20-22 October 2022 – Gold Coast

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Adjusta-Fit Doors & Screens

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Founded by Russell Watts in 2017, and based in Melbourne, Adjusta-Fit Doors & Screens is the inventor and manufacturer of the Adjusta-Fit Security Screen Door, the World’s first Allen key adjustable security screen door.

With the Adjusta-Fit Security Screen Door, consumers can get the perfect fit of a custom door without the hassle of a measure and quote, and without the wait time.

The Adjusta-Fit Security Screen Door adjusts on the spot to fit most door frames, even if they are out of square. Each corner adjusts in width and height with a few simple turns of an Allen key.

Unexpected seasonal house movements no longer require the adjustment of a strike or hinges, or the shaving of a door frame. A quick Allen key adjustment is all that is needed to reset the door.

Made in Australia and tested to Australian standards, the Adjusta-Fit Security Screen Door is also super-strong. It cannot be cut, and it cannot be pulled open. It is also extremely resistant to corrosion, easy to clean, and backed by a 10-year warranty.

Adjusta-Fit Doors & Screens