Celebrating 40 years
of the MLAA

20-22 October 2022 – Gold Coast

JMA Universal Remote Generation – Expand your G&G remote coverage with only 2x remotes!

JMA is a benchmark brand in the field of remote controls for garage doors, gates, and other access points.

We invite you to come & discover the M-BT & M-TC, two market leading remotes that can copy 95% of fixed code original remote controls and over 40 brands that use Rolling Code technology.

JMA are constantly innovating in remote control technology & would like to introduce the JMA Remotes Pro App for Remote Control Duplication & Generation.

Our representatives will also demonstrate the Press-to-Press remote cloning procedures & how to generate/clone G&G remotes on the JMA Remotes Pro app.


Cole Cullen
SG Lock & Security

Andoni Altube
JMA (Spain)