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20-22 October 2022 – Gold Coast

Satisfying the growing demand for keyless entry into the home

Demand for keyless entry into the home is growing strongly in the residential market in Australia on the back of:

  • Increasing costs and risks associated with losing, forgetting or having keys stolen
  • Managing and controlling keys as more people require access to your home
  • Growing end user awareness of the benefits of keyless entry into a vehicle, and consequently wanting the same benefits for their home
  • Increased advertising of keyless entry solutions for the home on various platforms – TV, video on demand services, influencers, websites, billboards
  • Adoption and acceptance of the use of Apps on Smart phones throughout the community
  • People wanting the benefits of Smart Home technology in their home

Learn how you can position yourself to win this higher value business in the residential market.


Steve Weeks

Rob Galic