Celebrating 40 years
of the MLAA

20-22 October 2022 – Gold Coast

Smart Entry Basics – Simplified solutions for Emerging market demands

The landscape of the residential market is rapidly evolving, as are the demands from the everyday homeowner.

Domestic properties are becoming part time businesses & homeowners are making the leap forward to a Keyless existence.

SIEPER Group invite you to this training session to gain a working knowledge of “Smart Door Locks” & an explanation of the various access options at our disposal including, Biometrics, Pin-Code, Mobile Apps etc.

Our representatives will demonstrate both installation & simple setup of some of our Smart Entry solutions in commonly encountered scenarios including Air BNB, home share etc.

This session is for those taking their first steps into smart access & those that attend will leave with a new confidence to take advantage of the growing smart entry residential market.


Vince Carson
SG Lock & Security

Tom Drake
SG Lock & Security