Celebrating 40 years
of the MLAA

20-22 October 2022 – Gold Coast

What is GPS tracking and why it should be in every vehicle

GPS tracking has been around for many decades, and has come a long way since it was first used by the US military in the ‘90s. It is now embedded in everything we do, from our mobile phones to our vehicles.

Many Australian companies are now mandating GPS in all vehicles attending their sites, and we will explore the role local and federal government is playing in mandating GPS both here in Australia and across APAC, and what this means for you.

We will review how the technology works and what are the pros and cons for small fleets. We will look at how companies are engaging with their staff to overcome privacy concerns and enlist their help to reduce the risk and costs associated with operating their vehicles. We will also demonstrate features available within most GPS platforms such as location tracking, driver safety, fuel usage and milage reporting, tracking unauthorised usage and engine/battery health.


Tim Lapham
Insight Telematics